With many unique and internationally patented functions incorporated into the design features of Waterbuoy, the result of over 2 years of R&D we are confident about all Waterbuoy's claims and performance.

With this level of development you can enjoy your water related recreation with peace of mind knowing that your valuables are in safe hands should the worst happen and an item accidentally falls into water.


Environmentally Friendly

Waterbuoy uses an environmentally friendly and completely harmless gas to inflate the balloon.

This gas is not only completely safe it is also incredibly efficient when it comes to providing buoyancy.

Once the trigger is activated, the gas is released into the balloon, giving Waterbuoy its buoyancy.


Waterbuoy's patented trigger technology allows the product to be splash resistant from accidental activation as well as operating to optimum performance once fully submerged.

The trigger will activate within seconds of being submerged allowing Waterbuoy to retrieve the cargo before it has chance to drift in the ever changing water currents.


The balloon is no normal balloon! This balloon is made from a high strength rubber to prevent accidental puncturing and increase durability.

We have worked closely with specialist balloon manufacturers to ensure this balloon is of the highest quality and is designed to easily retrieve items weighing up to 1kg whilst retaining its buoyancy.

The balloon is designed to be oversized to allow any heat variation and remain flexible for easy retrieval.


Making things brighter

The light is a high intensity LED that activates once the Waterbuoy is submerged in water.

The light is specifically placed at the best possible point in the balloon to reflect the most light across the balloon. This turns the balloon into a flashing beacon visible for up to 250m (820ft) at sea and we have provided enough battery life to keep on flashing for a minimum of 24 hours.

...making this the world's first floatation device visible at night.